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Whether a first time buyer, a seasoned collector or a business executive, we offer a streamlined service that will exceed your expectations and luxury needs while maintaining your budget requirements.

Time is precious, we here at Pegasus Global Auto recognize that and work with that principal always in mind. We are a family owned and operated business with a mutli-cultural background. We work with a variety of manufacturers, dealers and private collections in major cities around the world. We have had the honor of working with a large diverse portfolio of clients throughout a wide spectrum of luxury and exotic brands. Our expertise in international markets and trends has allowed us success in the following markets: Abu Dabi, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and the Cayman Islands. We are truly humbled by the faith and trust our clients place in us and we work relentlessly to always maintain this level of relationship with all our clients. If you’re ready to purchase, purchasing in the near future or need to gather information and market trends and values to make a decision, allow us to assist you in all your Luxury, Exotic automotive needs.

It will be our pleasure to represent you in your transaction from procurement services, sales, inventory management to negotiations and shipping to finalizing your vehicle purchase or sale, our team will make this transaction seamless from start to finish.




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